We, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, 
are members of an active congregation dedicated to 
making God’s goodness visible within our contacts with the world, 
and with all objects, animals and people around us, perhaps even increasing this. 
We have been called to follow the way of the heart.
S. van Tilborg msc

The time in

Who we are

We are a small group of men in the Netherlands
who have chosen
to live a religious life together
which is grounded
in the Catholic tradition

A religious life
Jezus Christ plays a central part in our lives. We have been called to his way of life. You could even say that we are being trained by him. We call this: living according to the gospel.

The Catholic tradition
The Roman Catholic church is multi-facetted. Like-minded people have always been able to find one another, joining forces as a group. We want to be one of those groups. We call this: living a religious life.

Living together
Everybody is different.  Some of us live under the same roof, others live alone but remain in contact with each other. We call this: living in circles. Men and women who share the same source of inspiration as us, live in circles within their own neighbourhood.