We, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, 
are members of an active congregation dedicated to 
making God’s goodness visible within our contacts with the world, 
and with all objects, animals and people around us, perhaps even increasing this. 
We have been called to follow the way of the heart.
S. van Tilborg msc

The time in

In the world

In the 20th century the Dutch MSC province gave a powerful impulse to the founding of local churches, in particular in Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines. It may be said that, in effect, it was this Missionary work abroad which determined the character of the Dutch province.

All in all, the Dutch province of our congregation has sent approximately 800 missionaries abroad, the last of which was in 1970. Whilst numbers of missionaries from the Netherlands have dwindled, new members amongst local inhabitants of these former ‘missionary areas’ have increased. In some ways, it is now they who carry the torch. Due, in part, to their enthousiastic efforts, the Congregation is presently at work in 55 countries.

memorial indonesieAs of 2014 there are only 4 brothers of Dutch origin working in the Philippines, with 8 in Indonesia and 11 in Brazil. There are 25 of them in total.

Previously, missionaries returned to their original homeland - the Netherlands - in order to retire. These days, missionaries usually choose to grow old in the land to which they have given their best efforts. Having said that, the possibility to return to the Netherlands remains open.