We, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, 
are members of an active congregation dedicated to 
making God’s goodness visible within our contacts with the world, 
and with all objects, animals and people around us, perhaps even increasing this. 
We have been called to follow the way of the heart.
S. van Tilborg msc


Onze kosmos kent haar eigen wetten. Tegelijkertijd groeit het inzicht dat wij mensen binnen deze kosmos een unieke vrijheid en verantwoordelijkheid hebben. Dit stelt ons, christenen, voor een nieuwe uitdaging. De seculiere wereld is voor ons een missionair terrein!

Moved by the World

Moved by the World

kaft_boekMoved by the World is a highly readable history of the Dutch MSC Province. It is full of stories about how Dutch MSC missionaries went about their inspired ways around the world.

The book is downloadable in PDF format for reading it at one’s leisure.
Use of any parts of the book is permissible as long as the source is duly acknowledged.

The About this book on the first pages contains an invitation to make one’s own contribution by adding pictures and stories. Contact addresses are found there.

pdfMoved by the World