We, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, 
are members of an active congregation dedicated to 
making God’s goodness visible within our contacts with the world, 
and with all objects, animals and people around us, perhaps even increasing this. 
We have been called to follow the way of the heart.
S. van Tilborg msc

The time in

Spirituality: Jules Chevalier

chevalierAt the start of the 19th century, during the aftereffects of the French Revolution, Jules Chevalier, a French country priest, made the radical decision to take sides with those people living around him. His message is clear and simple: God cares about every single one of us.

In the spirit of the gospel, he founded two congregations for men and women: the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) and the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (FDNSC). He also started a movement which would be open to all others. They, too, were commissioned to spread the message of love where and whenever this was possible and within all layers of society. It is a movement which exists to this day and which continues to speak the language of ordinary people.