Fridays for future

lyrics: Franz-Josef Ruwe 

music: P. Norbert M. Becker MSC


Fridays for Future, we’ve got no planet B.

Fridays for Future, so everyone can see:

God’s creation is in danger, to this we can’t be blind

Fridays for Future, for the sake of humankind.

Our Earth needs protection,

Our Earth needs your action.

There is no time to wait, – ACT NOW!

No time to hesitate. – ACT NOW!

Chorus: Fridays for Future,…

If you prefer sleeping,

You might wake up weeping.

Let’s make no mistake, – ACT NOW!

There’s so much at stake! – ACT NOW!

Chorus: Fridays for Future,…

Don’t wait for politicians

To take bold decisions,

You can do a lot – ACT NOW!

Use the strength you’ve got. – ACT NOW!

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